Wednesday, 18 May 2016

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Monday, 18 January 2016

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

boost your love life and put some fun in the bedrrom with these tips

looking for sex tips and ways to light up that fire in the bedroom-try these tips
1. Be confident
It's the sexiest thing any woman can do to turn on her man - take control and be sure about what you want and how you want it done.

2. Enjoy each others bodies
Try some of our simple Kama Sutra positions for this one. Give each other compliments, pay special attention to a person's less favorite bits, make them feel desired and sexy. Body confidence is sexual gold!

3. Talk. One of the best sex tips we can recommend is to tell your partner what you're enjoying and why, even what could be done to make the sex better; faster slower etc. The sure-fire way to better sex time and time again!

4. Engage in foreplay
It's easy to forget that foreplay is all part of your sex life. Make sure you have enough foreplay with your partner until you're both ready for intercourse. Prolong it by putting your clothes on, go out for a drink or a meal. Keep the evening going on as long as you can until you have to run home for the most intense sex ever!

5. Surprise your partner
Put on some sexy lingerie one evening after work and wait for him. Don't let him touch you, dominate and lead him to the bedroom.

watch out for more tips on this issue.

Jennifer Aniston flaunts wedding ring

Jennifer Aniston gave us a glimpse of her wedding ring in her first public appearance since her surprise wedding to husband, Justin Theroux - and we've got serious jewellery envy, what a sparkler!

The pair married in a super secret ceremony at their Bel Air mansion on August 5, and Jen plans to keep things that way. Talking to Entertainment Tonight after her honeymoon in the luxurious Bora Bora, she said: “We had the beautiful luxury of having a beautiful private moment and I’m going to be selfish and keep it that way!”

Congrats, you two!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

top sexual positions for couples

(1) The Sultry Saddle

Great for...
If you want to try something new, sideways sex is a great place to start!
How does it work?
He lies down with his knees bent and legs apart, and you sort of slot in the middle at right angles to his body. With one hand on his chest, and the other on his lower leg, rock back and forth until he's hitting the right spot.
The turn ons
It's all about you and you can wiggle around until it feels just right.
The turn offs
It might take a bit of practice to get it right, but hey, who's complaining?
Difficulty rating 2/5
It can take a while to get the positioning just right.
Fun rating 3/5
If the trickiness doesn't slow down your fun - it's a winner!
You say
: 'Excellent position. You have to try it'
(2) The Squat Great for...
You. Gives you the most amazing sensation.
How does it work?
Quite simply, he lies on the bed and you squat on top of him. Yup, that's it. Then you raise yourself up and down on him, leaning on the bed, his hands or his chest.
The turn-ons
This will stimulate you in ways you never thought possible.
The turn-offs
You look pretty stupid and you have keep your balance and make sure you don't tip forward - that could be rather painful for him.
You say: 'This position rocks - my boyfriend loves it too'\


(3)Face to face

Great for...
Slow, relaxing sex
How does it work?
You basically sit opposite each other and then you slide into his lap and sit on top of him. You then join your legs behind him and he put his feet together to provide a kind of cradle for you. You then just rock on him.
The turn-ons
This often produces a simultaneous orgasm, as you both build up together to climax.
The turn-offs
It may be a bit tame and slow for some people.
You say: 'My partner and I tried this in the bath'

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Mariah Carey on drug addiction?

Mariah Carey Intervention
Mariah Carey’s brother fears the singers addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol will kill her.
“She takes a daily cocktail of medications Zyprexa, Ativan and Depakote and I fear she will die like Whitney Houston”-Morgan Carey
Morgan Carey is saying his pop star sister is a heavy drinker and she also suffers from mental health problems.
“Mariah was drinking through her pregnancy — even while she was nursing”
Here’s what Morgan Carey revealed:
“I can’t say that I have ever been around her when she was sober, and that’s very scary. She doesn’t have a support system, and she is not mentally capable.
Nick Cannon was a crock of sh*t who wasn’t good for my sister and he was only interested in her money.”

Ciara not done over Future yet

I guess Ciara’s relationship with Seattle Seahawk’s Russell Wilson isn’t giving her enough attention, because the signer is set to release a documentary entitled, “Kiss and Tell: My Diary” which will give viewers a “revealing” look into her love life and music career.
Ciara will also expose her ex, Future, his wandering penis, and his inability to stay faithful during their relationship. She will talk about the rapper cheating on her with Brittni Mealy when she was 6 months pregnant.
The documentary will also discuss Ciara’s beef with Rihanna.
There’s no word yet on when the documentary will be released, but we’ll be watching!