Thursday, 13 August 2015

loving a woman better- chapter 2

Hello beautiful people of Nigeria, Africa and the world.
It’s great to be back on another edition of this piece, we did the first piece last week, and you might just want to check that out (link)… we will be continuing from that point on this edition.
We all know how important the woman is to this race and existence…a woman can give you a one way ticket to heaven, make you feel like Obama, Putin and all of them put together…yeah, sounds nice right?

But you have to pay the price.

You see, a woman is a living embodiment of beauty, emotions, strength and passion, your ability to identify and enhance these qualities in a woman is the key to winning her heart.
So many a time we confuse quantity for quality, a woman needs quality time, not necessary all your time- I buttressed this on this last edition(link), sometimes we spend a lifetime with our partners with little or no significant moments. Of course every lady wants a successful man, especially in a tough economy with large disparities like Nigeria’s, but for you to enjoy the best of your lady you must love her better.
See a woman as your G-class Benz, you will take time to ensure you get the best grade engine oil, and premium motor spirit to keep its performance top notch, this is exactly the same with a lady, you get what you give.
This week without much ado, let me give you some tips to keep that love floating in the clouds…lol
 (1) When you go out with your woman, make sure you make her feel special in front of your audience
When hanging out with your boys at a get together party, at the end of the year office party, at a family’s wedding, or anywhere you are hanging out/celebrating with your people and your woman- ensure you show everyone how special she is to you.
The problem with most marriage/relationships is complacency, and men are guilty of this. As time wears on we tend to take for granted the special qualities of our woman and how special they are to us, we stop doing those things that endeared them to us in the first place.

For a woman, they always want you to keep doing those lovely things that made them fall for you. When you stop showing your woman affection, calling her regularly, paying her attention, doing the things she like for her- she starts to feel disappointed, used and boredom/neglect sets in. Women are emotional beings; their emotions control a huge part of their decisions, response and actions.

Never take a woman for granted, always stand by her side, especially when in a public function/outing.

Some ladies always complain of this to me during consultations with some of them, so take note guys.

 (2)  Give her therapy and relaxation in private sessions
Most men do not know this, but a woman rates a man high if he knows how to handle her and give her that therapeutic relaxation when they are together in private- it should not be a wam-bam affair, it is not a race, relax take your time to entertain her, please her and satisfy her.

A woman wants you to spend time with her, play with her so you listen and understand all about her. Serve her a nice meal/dish, watch a nice movie together or listen to great songs. Dance with your woman, sit her down, massage her feet, rub her legs and make sure she is comfortable before delving into her secret garden.
Take things slow, love sessions are about the whole package, it should be holistic. Every part of her body needs to feel loved and beautiful.

When a man take his time, to listen to the sounds and movement of his woman, satisfying her gets easier. Every woman is not the same, what works for Anita might not work for Tonya, take your time to find out what her keys are.

Always remember that a woman is only human, hence social and economic challenges of the society and world we live in can sometimes wear her down, though some try to keep it inside- we must always be calm when dealing with a woman, due to their nature, they cannot always bottle up pressure like men can- so when those utterances comes out of her, just maintain silence, breathe and approach the issue after 3mins.

Only a weak man hits a woman, never beat a woman-it is assault, a criminal offense.

Yep people, I think we have talked much about our dear women for today, I need to go to the beach with my boys to cool off now, see something nice you know…oops…wink.

Dr. Rocs
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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Father defiles 11yr old daughter in Benue

A 40-year-old man has been dragged to a Makurdi High Court sitting in Benue State, for allegedly having sexual intercourse with his 11yr old daughter, reports Vanguard.
It was learned that the randy father was arrested after a neighbor who heard the cries of the girl, sneaked into his compound and caught him in the act.
The neighbour raised an alarm and other residents gathered and arrested him. On interrogation, the little girl said her father had been engaging her in repeated sexual abuse whenever her mother was away from home.
On taking the girl for medical examination, it was discovered that the girl had been defiled several times.
The randy man has been ordered remanded at the Makurdi Federal Priosn by the presiding judge, Cecilia Bakara, where he will be till September 29, when the case will be heard.

Protect your kids from sexual predators

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Loving a woman better. chapter1

From time immemorial, men have fought wars, waged battles all for the money,power and exotic women.

We all want to shower our woman with gifts, give them deposits on their accounts and be the one they yearn for-while all of this will make a women respect and admire you…yet we still wonder sometimes

Does she really love me?
Am I the only one she got?

We all want our woman to be our everything, just like Patoranking sang in his current hit single “my woman, my everything”…but are you her everything?
While making a woman love you might varies, based on factors we won’t be discussing here,  there are some certain things that will make a woman love you better.

   (1)   Give her good quality time 
We all can be unavoidably absent sometimes, yet when we find time to be with our loved ones, it    should be quality time. Quality time means no distractions, no pinging’s, just you and your woman at unity and one with the universe. Use this time to conversate, relate  and stimulate. Talk about things you both desire, laugh, open up to her to see your sensitivity. When you talk, gaze into her eyes and make her feel beautiful. Every  Woman want to feel like the  “one”, that special one you can’t live without

(2)   Tell her about your plans, make it clear enough for her
Even when a woman loves you, there is a standard she cannot go below. In some cases a woman can suspend her love for you when she sees you cannot give her the type of life she desires.
It is better to make her understand from the start how things are, and state your plans and how you want to go about reaching them. If she does not clearly understand your plans, she will not know where to fit herself in your life and future- this certainly will bring about draw backs.

(3)   When you are alone with your woman, get up close
Modern day women are free, they want to express and feel love. Time have changed, if you don’t make your women feel love and excited she definitely will want to look for it elsewhere, even if she does not-she certainly is not satisfied.
Even when she acts like she is not in the mood, it is your duty to put her in the mood. Set the mood right, prepare her a nice dish, get some chocolates, good fruit wine and soothing music.

Try to find out her “keys” and turn her on.

Seems some modern men have not discovered the importance of romance and  sex for the modern woman. In todays world we are bombarded by DSTV and internet, telemundo and so many love series, sexual scenes are displayed across our faces each day, naturally we are driven by what we see, what is prevalent around us will most likely influence us…hence it is natural for the woman to be more sexually inclined.
Every woman will of course try to show modesty, it is your duty to break the ice, and make her melt in the ocean of your loving.

I need to go for a walk now, we will continue this wonderful discussion in our next post.
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Keep the fire burning.

Dr Rocs.