Saturday, 25 October 2014

I don’t mind dating a younger man now –Ara

Now single drummer girl, Ara, has said she is ready to give marriage another shot now that she and her once Iceland-based hubby have divorced.
In an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats recently, Ara said she wouldn’t even mind going for a younger guy if he comes around her.
“When I meet the right person and fall in love, I will consider marriage. I really want to fall in love again. I don’t believe in marriage just for its sake. If a younger guy comes up to me, I don’t mind dating the person. I don’t mind marrying somebody who I am older than. I have spoken to a couple of people and they don’t see anything wrong with it. If the person has a mature mind and is committed, then it is not a big deal.”
When asked if she is not looking for somebody who she can control and manipulate, the singer said she is not the overbearing type and she never exhibited such trait in her former marriage.
“I am not that kind of person. I am the most submissive wife. I am ‘mumu’ for love. You can ask my ex, he can tell you. There was never a day I didn’t ask him what I should cook even though I was the breadwinner. I would always ask him what he wanted. And whatever he said, if we didn’t have it, I would jump on an okada and enter the market to go and buy the stuff. I am a hopeless lover,” she said.
Ara revealed that she and her ex are still “good friends” because, “we have a child together. My boy is six years already. He has remarried. I am not envious that he got married again. God forbid! When he calls me, I always ask him if his wife isn’t around. I would also ask him if his wife knows that I am not interested in him. I don’t know her and I don’t know her name. I wouldn’t want her to feel I want to take her husband again. So I tell him I hope the wife knows that I am not interested and that his calling me is just to find out about his son. I wouldn’t want to make any woman unhappy.

Friday, 24 October 2014

World’s Most Expensive Divorce : Owner Of Monaco Football Club Ordered To Pay Ex-Wife £2.7 Billion

The owner of Monaco football club has been ordered to pay a world record divorce settlement of more than £2.6 billion to his ex-wife.This is half of his 5.2 billion dollar fortune. According to Mail online, Judges in Switzerland said Dmitry Rybolovlev, 47, has to give Elena Rybolovleva, who was with him for 24 years, a very precise 4,020,555,987 Swiss francs and 20 centimes. It follow a six year legal saga in which Mr Rybolovlev, who made his billions through a successful fertiliser business, bitterly contested Ms Rybolovlev’s claims to two of the most expensive properties in the USA and a £100million Greek island.She divorced him on the grounds of infidelity.

Now Mr Rybolovlev must sign a cheque for the incredible sum in the Swiss city of Geneva.

Maheeda Wants Have Sex Tape With Davido

, Nigerian Gospel singer, known for her raunchy and semi-nude images has openly declared her readiness to record a sex tape and named award-winning singer, as the only male she would will willingly and gladly record a lengthy pornographic video with.
A few weeks back, Maheeda disclosed that she had a dream where she had pulsating sex with Davido, a revelation that prompted quite a number of fans concluding that perhaps, she had a crush on the singer.
“I’m ready for a sex tape, but if it’s not with Davido, I’m not doing, better go and convince him! I’m waiting,” she eagerly declared. In addition, she posted semi-nude pictures of herself.

How To Make Your Wife Love Sex

Sex is obviously one of the most important components of a marriage, and efforts should be undertaken to keep the passion burning even after the honeymoon is long over. Here are some tips to help make
  1. Be consistently romantic with your wife. As the husband, you have most of the responsibility to keep your relationship’s fire burning. Take the effort to treat your wife like the princess that she is, through simple gestures such as helping her with chores when you can, giving her nice presents now and then, and really listening to her and caring about her opinions and feelings. Make her your number one priority – over your work, your bosses, your friends. Be surprised that, as you exert more and more effort towards your relationship, you’d grow to value your wife more and more too. Plus, if you are consistent about your efforts, you’d be surprised at how she will also return all your affections. Remember this: a woman values a man who showers her with love and attention. Once your wife knows just how much you love her, your acts of romance will just naturally culminate in more love-filled sex.
  2. Let her feel 100% secure in your relationship. Another thing that women look for in a relationship is security. Let her realize every single day that there’s just no other woman for you. Keep on having a “crush” with your wife. Brag about her to your friends (whether or not she’s around). Remember this: whether a woman blooms or withers in a relationship this depends on how she’s being treated by her man.

Monday, 6 October 2014

15 ways to turn her on and ignite her fire

Most bedroom problems boil down to this: Men are microwaves and women are slow cookers.

With men, all you have to do is push a few buttons and we're hotter than a habanero. But with women, it's an all-day process. You have to buy the ingredients, mix them together, and then put everything in the pot and let it simmer ... and simmer ... and simmer.

That's why we're offering a microwave mentality for the Crock-Pot reality: quick, easy things you can do to make her heating speeds better match yours. Our suggestions take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. The payoff? They'll quickly adjust her thermostat to high heat.

1. Buy Her a Silk Thong
A gift of lingerie is cliched, right? So twist it. Give it to her when you (seemingly) don't expect sex right then and there. Pass it under the table at a restaurant and ask her to go to the ladies' room and change into it. "It's a little naughty, but she has a chance to play back," says Joy Davidson, Ph.D., a relationship therapist in Seattle. Not recommended for a first date.

2. Embrace Her Until She Ends It

Good kissing tops most women's lists of turn-ons, but don't underestimate the heating power of a great hug, especially when she initiates it. "Let her know how much you savor it," says Lou Paget, author of 365 Days of Sensational Sex. Make it clear you don't want the hug to end.

3. Wear Her Name
Women love to hear men use their names. The more unexpected the place—like in the middle of a sentence—the better. Better still, write her name on your shoulder, your hand, or anyplace she'll have a chance of spotting it. It's a tattoo without pain—one that gives only pleasure. "It will make her laugh and think you're so adorable," says Davidson. "It says, 'You matter.' "

4. Whisper into Her Ear
In public, at a party, tell her what you want to do to her later: "Tonight, I'm going to make you have as many orgasms as possible." For women, anticipating it can be as exciting as the actual event.

5. Skip the Flowers
Blooms at the office are overdone. If you want to stand out, send a card instead. "It's really the thoughtful things you do at nonsexual times that make a woman want you," says Paul Joannides, author of Guide to Getting It On! Go with a thank-you. Write out a few things you've never thanked her for—making breakfast on Sunday, cleaning your stubble out of the sink. An appreciated woman during the day is an appreciative woman at night.

6. Plant a Picture
Stash a photo of her in your wallet. She'll deny it, but all women rummage at some point. You might as well turn it to your advantage.

7. Say Why
Anyone can say, "I love you," so explain why. Maybe it's the way she nibbles at a KitKat, or how her nose scrunches when she drinks tequila. The more unique your reasons, the more special she'll feel.

8. Get Your Story Straight
For a happy ending (tonight and every night), remember the beginning: the details of your first meeting—where you were, what she was wearing, what you said, and how you felt. Recount them. Often.

9. Make Yourself Sick
Leave love notes around the house—in the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, under her pillow. That much sweetness might make you nauseous, but it'll make her feel like a lovesick teenager.

10. Apply Her Lipstick
"Grooming a woman is kind of a role reversal," says Linda De Villers, Ph.D., a California sex therapist and author of Love Skills: A Fun, Upbeat Guide to Sex-cessful Relationships. "She's being doted on and served, and it shows that you think a certain part of her body is attractive." Other ideas: Shave her legs, paint her toenails, or brush or wash her hair. According to a poll of 3,200 men, 76 percent said they have shampooed their woman's hair.

And Men's Health readers don't waste their time on things that don't work.

11. Kiss and Lick Her Hinges
You've got the obvious kiss spots covered. Now concentrate your efforts elsewhere—on her elbows, knees, shoulders, ankles, neck, and hip joints. "They're rarely attended to with long caresses," says Davidson. "It's a super sensation." See if you can make her come unhinged.

12. Bear Fruit
Chocolate syrup and whipped cream get all the kinky play in movies. Instead, turn her body into a juicer. "The best foods for sex are fruits that you can rub onto the body, such as soft mango or papaya," says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Ed.D., a sex therapist in California and author of 12 Steps to Everlasting Love. "Then devour both her and the fruit." Get sticky, shower, repeat. If you're Mickey Rourke, skip the shower.

13. And Berries
Forget coffee and toast—bring hot chocolate (a sexual stimulant for her) and raspberries and strawberries to bed. The berries replenish the zinc you lose when you ejaculate—5 milligrams, or a third of your daily requirement.

14. Try the No-Move Move
When you start foreplay, tell her you're not going to move on to another action until she tells you what to do next. This works physically and mentally: It's a way to encourage her to open up and direct you to what she really wants. Now, your turn.

15. Give Her a Massage
But make it interesting:
  • In hot weather, roll a chilled can of soda along the backs of her thighs. 
  • In cool weather, warm a towel in the microwave for 10 seconds and massage her with it. 
  • Season her belly with a little salt, and then slowly lick it off. Add tequila to taste.
  • Turn winter gloves inside out, put them on, and massage her with the soft side.

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